About Us

Our mission: To support literacy, in all of its diverse forms, throughout and within the boundaries of the Whitewater Unified School District of Whitewater, Wisconsin

Our goals:

  • To provide children and their parents with adequate opportunities to improve child literacy capabilities at an early age
  • To offer families direction to helpful programs within the community pertaining to literacy or Hispanic community improvement
  • To reach out to business employees with simple ways to improve the literacy of their children at home


Contact us: WhitewaterLeads@gmail.com


Our board is composed of key members from each sector of the Whitewater community.

City: Cameron Clapper, Diane Yaroch

University: Kristin Linzmeier, Matt Vick

Business: Jeff Knight, Larry Kachel

WUSD: Mary Kilar, Tanya Wojciechowicz

At Large:  Jim Winship

Student: Vacant