Literacy Grants

Kindergarten – Boogie Boards

Kindergarten students work hard on letter and sound awareness over the course of the school year. Not only are they learning to correctly form each letter, they are also learning about the connection between the written letter and the sound it makes. This understanding of how letters and sounds work is the start of a long journey of reading and writing. Kindergarten common core state standards include print concepts, phonological awareness, and phonics and word recognition. 

The Whitewater Leads Grant allowed me to purchase Boogie Boards to be used in the classroom. The Boogie Boards allow students to write, draw, and trace on an easy to use and clean device. These boards are a welcome addition to our classroom to practice literacy skills and more. Boogie Boards are a liquid crystal paper and allow students to write without the need for paper or messy ink (like dry erase boards). They erase completely at the click of a button. My classroom is grateful for the purchase of these boards to enhance our literacy program. 

Shannon Frye, M.S. Ed.
Lincoln Elementary Kindergarten 
Whitewater Unified School District